Dr Pary Sivaraman, Singapore Doctors, Renal Medicine Specialist
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Dr. Pary Sivaraman

MBBS (Singapore) 1989, MRCP (Int Med) (UK), M Med (Int Med) (Singapore)
Practice Address :
The Singapore Clinic for Kidney Diseases
3 Mount Elizabeth
#08-01 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
Singapore 228510
Telephone : +65 6735 3513
Fax : +65 6735 3514

Dr Pary Sivaraman obtained his first medical degree (MBBS) from National University of Singapore (NUS). He underwent training in General Internal Medicine (basic training), followed by Nephrology / Renal Medicine (advance training) at National University Hospital of Singapore. He was awarded the Health Manpower Development Program scholarship by Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH), to undergo further specialization in kidney transplantation. 

He trained under Dr David Landsberg and Dr Paul Keown in Vancover , British Columbia , Canada , from Years 1999 to 2000. The training program and centre were recognized and certified by the American Society of Transplantation for doctors intending to be specialists in kidney transplantation. There, he immersed himself completely in the understanding of the total management of kidney transplant donors and recipients.  

Dr Sivaraman returned to Singapore in 2000 and added significant value to the Kidney Transplant Program at National University Hospital . He has also been instrumental in performing various complex transplantations, including cross match positive kidney transplantation, high medical risk kidney recipients, etc. He was also very closely involved in the first Asian bone marrow kidney transplantation done at National University Hospital that resulted in a successful kidney transplantation, without any long-term immunosuppression. 

Over the years, he has successfully managed many complex post-transplant problems, such as, Hepatitis C post-transplantation, post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder, recurrent diseases, etc. Due to his immense experience in renal issues, he was called on to provide almost total support to the management of renal problems for potential liver transplant candidates before and after liver transplantation.   

With his strong knowledge, understanding and experience in the use of immune manipulating medications, Dr Sivaraman has also managed various types of immune mediated kidney diseases, including complex lupus nephritis, membranous nephritis, FSGS, IgA nephropathy, etc. With his knowledge and skills in cutting-edge therapies, he has helped to salvage and stabilize the renal conditions of many such patients.  

Dr Pary Sivaraman has also been strongly involved in helping charity-based dialysis programs. He has been the Nephrologist in charge of the People's Dialysis Centre (a charity-based hemodialysis program, managed by the Khoo Foundation) since 2003. At this centre, he has helped managed many medically complicated and elderly patients on hemodialysis. He has also been actively involved in the management of hemodialysis patients at one of the centres operated by another charity-based dialysis program that is managed by Kidney Dialysis Foundation.  

During his tenure at National University Hospital (NUH), Dr Sivaraman was actively involved in providing an evidence-based approach to the practice of medicine. He was an active member of the Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) sub-committee of NUH, and was involved in conducting training for local and regional doctors in EBM. He has also provided advice on various prescription medication related matters for NUH, and held the position of Vice Chairman of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.  

Dr Sivaraman is also a member of various local and international societies, including the American Society of Nephrology, and American Society of Transplantation and International Society of Transplantation. He presents clinic research articles regularly at international meetings organized by these societies. He has been invited by regional and international societies to give talks on various kidney or kidney transplant related matters. He has also been invited by pharmaceutical companies to give talks for medical personnel and train staff members.  

He has served on various national committees in Singapore , including the National Committee on Renal Care (that advises on the overall renal care program in Singapore ), Specialist Training Committee (that oversees the training of nephrologists / renal medicine specialists in Singapore ) and Transplant Advisory Committee (that oversees all types of transplantation in Singapore ). He has also been involved in giving specialist advice to the Health Services Authority of Singapore (HSA) on various renal related drugs.  

Dr Pary Sivaraman brings to the private sector almost 20 years of medical experience from the public sector in managing all types of kidney and related problems. Even though Dr Pary Sivaraman has left the public sector health care system in February 2007, he continued to serve as the Director of the Adult Kidney Transplant Program in National University Hospital until end December 2007. He has also been asked to help guide and develop the kidney service in Alexandra Hospital . He serves as a Visiting Consultant to Alexandra Hospital . 

Dr Sivaraman currently wants to focus primarily on providing comprehensive and dedicated medical care to all types of kidney patients, using his immense wealth of experience and knowledge gained over the years.




Treatments & Services at The Singapore Clinic for Kidney Diseases include:

Dr Pary Sivaraman has vast experience in managing the following types of medical and kidney problems: 

- Assessment of kidney function 
- Blood in the urine 
- Proteins in the urine 
- Nephrotic syndrome 
- Weak kidneys 
- Difficult to control hypertension 
- Kidney problems in pregnancy 
- Low blood count from kidney problems 
- Kidney problems from various causes 
- Unusual causes of kidney problems and kidney failure 
- Deteriorating kidney function 
- Acute kidney failure 
- Chronic kidney failure 
- End stage kidney failure 
- Dialysis 
- Kidney transplantation in all types of patients 
- Kidney donor assessment 

All types of problems related to: 
Diabetes with proteins in the urine 
- Diabetes with kidney problems 
- Diabetes with kidney failure 
- Rheumatic patients with kidney problems or kidney failure 
- Lupus (or SLE) patients with kidney problems 
- Lupus (or SLE) patients with proteins in the urine 
- Lupus (or SLE) patients with kidney failure 
- Kidney patients going for surgery 
- Liver patients with kidney problems 
- Liver transplant patients with kidney problems
- Medication related kidney problems or kidney failure 
- Traditional medication related kidney problems or kidney failure