Dr Wong Saw Yeen, Singapore Doctors, Plastic Surgeon
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Dr. Wong Saw Yeen

MBBS (Queensland) 1969, M Med (Gen Surg) (Singapore), FRCSEd (Gen Surg)
Practice Address :
Wong's Plastic Surgery Centre
6 Napier Road
#07-13, Gleneagles Medical Centre
Singapore 258499
Telephone : (65) 6479 7173
Fax : (65) 6479 2954

Dr Wong Saw Yeen is a Colombo Plan Scholar with MBBS from Queensland University, Australia. His additional degrees are: 
FRCS from Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh 
Master of Medicine in Surgery, National University of Singapore 
FAMS, Academy of Medicine Singapore 

Dr Wong is a certified Plastic Surgeon with Singapore Medical Council. He is a Plastic Surgery private specialist in Gleneagles Medical Centre, and a v isiting Consultant Plastic Surgeon with Department of Surgery at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Dr Wong Saw Yeen has treated thousands of cases, ranging from eyelid plasties, rhinoplasties, face lifts, mammoplasties, abdominoplasties, liposuctions, scar and keloid revisions, otoplasties, skin cancers, cleft lips and palates, sex reassignments, mastectomies for female transsexual, laser surgeries, fillers, botox injections, etc. He has managed complicated cases and cases arising from unsatisfactory results. 




Treatments & Services at Wong's Plastic Surgery Centreinclude:

Dr Wong Saw Yeen provides the following types of services: 


Eyelid plasties : for the creation of double eyelid folds, ageing and sagging eyelids, ptosis, eye bags, eyelid midface lifts, revision of previous unsatisfactory operations, accidents or congenital deformities.

Face lifts : for rejuvenations of ageing and ptotic brows, nasolabial folds for sagging necks, wrinkles, Rhinoplasties for saddle nose, humps for bulbous tips, flared alae for refinements of irregularities.

Mammaplasties : for small breasts, large breasts, saggy breasts, deformed breasts, gender dysphoria syndromes, gynecomastias in males.

Body and limb sculpturing : for obesity, post-pregnancy striae abdomen, flat or saggy buttocks, fat rejuvenation, double chin, pectoral or calf modifications.

Otoplasty : for prominent ears.

Scar revisions : for acne scars, post trauma scars, keloids.


Sexual surgeries : sex reassignment, shaving of Adams apples, vaginal reconstructions, labia plasties, circumcisions, Labiaplasty, hymenoplasty.

Reconstructive surgeries : cleft lip palate, burns scars, facial traumas.

Laser procedures : for acne scars, pigmentations, tattoos, birth marks, etc.