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Medical Hub started in 2005 to list doctors and dentists information and profile to the general public. A lot of marketing campaigns were done to promote as a one stop shop to search for medical specialists and GPs to the general public.

Our model is to have a general directory listing of medical specialists and dentists by specialties in layman terms for ease of search by users. Users will be able to know how experience the medical and dental specialists are by looking at their education profiles and experiences. Featured medical and dental specialists will have their profiles, accomplishment and services listed prominently in their own page within with contacts information. Email correspondences from patients will be forwarded to them and general public with queries about certain illnesses specific to the specialty will be forwarded to the featured specialists to turn the patients from potential client to actual clients.

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Our team in Indonesia will assist you to handle patient’s enquires in Bahasa Indonesia as well as English. They will assist you in managing your patients online appointment and inform you via email and phone to confirm patient appointments.

MedicalHub Benefit


Call Centre & Hotline in Indonesia & Singapore

a.  Medicalhub Call Centre in Indonesia. This allow patients to call us on our HOTLINE to explain their medical conditions with ease. Our medical team will ascertain their conditions and recommend them the right medical specialist.

b.  The patient will be able to find and view detail information of our Featured Doctors. They can make any clarification or enquiries on the doctors’ services and fees through our HOTLINE freely.

c.  Further to that, we also handle medical report translation (Bahasa Indonesia to English and vise versa), medical evacuation, transportation from home to airport, airport to hospital and hospital admission if needed.  

d.  Our team will assist you in managing the patients and giving you the pace of mind to concentrate on your core business operations.



Featured Doctor listing in

a.  Your Profiles, Services, Accomplishment, Clinic Address and Contact Number will be displayed in (English and Bahasa Indonesia). We believe each doctor is unique and should be allowed to market in their own unique way without hiding any information or for us to act as a middle layer for you to communicate with your patient and hence reduces any miscommunication.

b. had existed for more than 7 years and is located in the first page of Google and Yahoo search engines if you search for ‘Singapore Doctors’ or ‘Doctors in Singapore’ or ‘Singapore Doctor’.

c.  Till date, Medical Hub has successfully referred more than 2,000 patients yearly (tracked by our web portal).



Social Media Marketing

a.  Our social media team will assist you to create and maintain your Facebook page and Twitter account in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

•  Social media is a growing trend in digital marketing. It is the Word Of Mouth For The Digital Age

•  We will create Facebook Ad for you to target Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam market.

•  Facebook ad is similar to Google ad word and should complement your Google ad word digital marketing.

•  Facebook ad targets by users demographics (i.e. age, sex, topics of interest etc). Your ad will be pushed to Facebook users that match your targeted demographics.

•  You are looking at 30-40 million Facebook users in the four countries.



Proactive Approach

Our marketing team will be actively reaching out to the patients to promote our services. We leverage on digital media (SEO), social media (Facebook & Twitter) and traditional media such as magazines and brochures. Our approach is proactive and with our call centres, we have covered the possible ways in assisting the patients and reffering  them to you.

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