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Medical Hub started in 2005 to list doctors and dentists information and profile to the general public. A lot of marketing campaigns were done to promote as a one stop shop to search for medical specialists and GPs to the general public.

Our model is to have a general directory listing of medical specialists and dentists by specialties in layman terms for ease of search by users. Users will be able to know how experience the medical and dental specialists are by looking at their education profiles and experiences. Featured medical and dental specialists will have their profiles, accomplishment and services listed prominently in their own page within with contacts information. Email correspondences from patients will be forwarded to them and general public with queries about certain illnesses specific to the specialty will be forwarded to the featured specialists to turn the patients from potential client to actual clients.

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Why MedicalHub: Key Benefits of Medical Hub



Call centre number in Indonesia and Singapore allow you to contact our call centre staff directly to explain about your medical conditions. Our call centre staff will be able to check with our medical team to ascertain your conditions and recommend the right medical specialist to you. No more worries looking for the wrong doctor or making the wrong appointment.



Well known and established Featured Doctor with more than 10 years of medical experiences. Their profiles and services are listed prominently in Medical Hub in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.



On-line enquiry. Before making the appointment, you can make enquiry on the estimated price and services offered by our Featured Doctor. Find out more information before you book your air ticket and accommodation to come to Singapore to seek medical advice or treatment.



We handle your medical report translation to English, medical evacuation, transportation from home to airport and airport to hospital if needed. We can also handle hospital admission on your behalf.

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“Awalnya saya berpikir mencari dokter yang saya butuhkan untuk pengobatan di Singapore akan sangat ribet. Namun Medicalhub menghilangkan kekhawatiran saya. Terima Kasih Medicalhub”

Bapak Devin, 55, Medan

“Medicalhub mempermudah saya mencari dokter yang saya butuhkan. Cepat, tanggap, dan gratis. Thanks and good job Medicalhub”

Ibu Suci, 27, Jakarta

“Terima Kasih Medicalhub, saya bisa dapat bertemu dengan dokter pilihan saya. Petugas call center juga sangat membantu”

Ibu Dewi, 55, Semarang